Time Zones in Australia

City Current Time Current Date Time Observed
Brisbane, Queensland
Australia Eastern Standard Time
Syndey, New South Wales
Australia Eastern Daylight Time
Canberra, ACT
Australia Eastern Daylight Time
Melbourne, Victoria
Australia Eastern Daylight Time
Hobart, Tasmania
Australia Eastern Daylight Time
Adelaide, South Australia
Australia Central Daylight Time
Darwin, Northern Territory
Australia Central Standard Time
Perth, Western Australia
Australia Western Standard Time

Australia observes 3 major time zones, including:

  • Australia Eastern Time Zone: Queensland, New South Wales (NSW), Victoria and Tasmania. NSW, Victoria and Tasmania have daylight adjustment during the summer, while Queensland do not.
  • Australia Central Time Zone: Northern Territory (NT) and South Australia (SA). SA has daylignt adjustment during the summer, while NT do not.
  • Australia Western Time Zone: Western Australia (WA). WA do not observe daylight time during the summer.

  • Conversion of major time zones:

    Time zone conversions of territories:

    Time zone conversions of major cities: